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“Zigulì was born in 1969 and has deep roots in memory of each Italian children. The candy has always been sold in Pharmacy because of its naturality and richness of vitamins important for health. This year Zigulì celebrates his 50th anniversary. The candy goodness has remained unchanged but the pack has become obsolete.????”

“The importance of fruit is represented with a colorful pattern that covers the entire packaging. The rigor and thoroughness of the pharmaceutical information are ordered in the table. Everything in a vintage feeling.”

Bottles Are OUT & Bars Are In

Hero_Hair_1.jpg“Bars not bottles” is the tagline for Holland & Barrett’s new plastic-free beauty range that is selling out at astonishing rates. 

Ethique, a line of vegan and and cruelty-free soaps—which run the gamut from body bars, hair bars, face bars, and sustainable storage solutions—marks a first for Holland & Barrett, although with the July 7th launch marking a 300% increase in search results, and over 13,000 brand page visits, the sign from consumers is clear; sustainable beauty brands are in.Ethique Pinkalicious shampoo bar review.jpg

The bars come in paper boxes adorned with a playful, hand-lettered style script in vibrant jewel-tones that reflect the main ingredients and scents. They’re also ideal for those looking for cruelty-free products with a price-conscious budget, given that the soaps range from  £5.49 to £26.99. 

“By creating solid bars of beauty products without the water that makes up to 90% of a traditional liquid product, we hope to help combat the plastic pollution problem by providing consumers with a zero-waste alternative,” said founder Brianne West in Mirror. “After all, there’s water in your shower—why would you need more in your shampoo?”damage.jpg

Masha Manapov’s

The Baku-born, Bristol-based illustrator’s ethereal scenes pull off the tricky feat of addressing serious issues such as climate change and suicide in a sensitive way, earning her commissions from the likes of Wired and The New York Times.

“I never wanted to stick to a very specific style because I believe that life, people and styles can be flexible and open to growth and change. I always enjoyed experimenting with different ideas and adjusting the style to the content of the piece,” says Manapov.

“I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not but illustration for me has always been a tool and a medium, not the essence, and I did want to explore wider. I think that quite often I’m commissioned for the strange way my brain works, and not necessarily for my powerful lines or realistic execution.”

Edition at play

Universal Everything was commissioned by London-based publisher Visual Editions and Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney to create branding and identity guidelines for Editions At Play, an experimental digital publishing platform for “books that cannot be printed” and immersive literature.

The typography and identity is inspired by books on a shelf and binary code. Bringing the two elements of literature and technology together, the brand mark is free to develop and grow with different authors’ approaches to the Editions At Play publications.

Printworks London

Printworks London has unveiled a new design campaign that combines animated, 3D typography with augmented reality (AR). Created by London-based design studio and type foundry OMSE, the campaign teases Printworks’ upcoming season of music and cultural events. Each design is inspired by print press rollers, which form the core of Printworks’ existing identity, but have been brought to life in revolving, black and white animations.