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Studio Jimbo

Studio Jimbo is a creative and aesthetic design studio based in Paris, France. It was founded in 2014 and is directed by Jimbo Barbu.

The studio focuses on projects in the fields of editorial design, branding, illustration and visual identity for music, fashion and business.The Peacock Society Festival 2019 posters.
Art direction and graphic design by Studio JimboThe Peacock Society Festival 2019 posters.

Studio Jimbo for Blaze typeface, 2019.Studio Jimbo for Blaze typeface, 2019.

Design Studio Jimbo, 2018.Design Studio Jimbo, 2018.

Studio Jimbo 2017Studio Jimbo 2017

Summer Suburbs poster, Studio Jimbo 2017.Summer Suburbs poster, Studio Jimbo 2017.

Studio Jimbo, solo show poster.
Vernissage on Feb.8 2017, 6pm at Le Bar à Bulles Paris 18.Studio Jimbo,  solo show poster, 2017