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1Climb Aim To Get 100,000 Kids Climbing


There’s something so beautiful and humbling about rock climbing. The first time you ascend a wall or climb straight up without yelling take (to tighten the rope) or fall because you’ve thrown for something you can’t quite reach, is a glorious feeling. Think, standing on a surfboard for the first time and riding the wave back to shore. It’s even better when you’ve watched your skill level increase several grades over a few short months.

For Kevin Jorgeson, the love for the sport began at the age of nine when he first discovered his local climbing gym and has continued throughout his life. He even founded a non-profit—1Climb—to get kids climbing at Boys and Girls Clubs around the country.so-ill-toms-rock-shoes-womens-and-rolldown-chalk-bucket-ROKC-DSCF3323.jpg