Daily Archives: 02/02/2018

Shakespeare Globe Rebrand

A sliver of wood was cut from one of the many trees used to build Shakespeare’s Globe in the 1990s. This was used to create the theatre’s new logo. The logo is part of an identity system that aims to challenge perceptions of the Globe as a heritage site aimed at tourists and instead show it as an exciting place to experience Shakespeare’s work.The theatre’s new logo – a 20-sided ring that resembles an ‘O’ – references the theatre’s distinctive shape. 

The ‘O’ can be moved around and has no fixed position – it appears in various places and at various sizes on posters and printed material created so far.

The identity also features an all-caps wordmark in typeface Effra (chosen for “its historic roots”) and a red, black and white colour palette (the colours available to printers in Shakespeare’s era).