Do long copy ads still work

Print and poster campaigns featuring long copy, such as this recent work for Smart EnergyGB, are still revered by many in the ad industry. But do they work for actual punters?

For classic long copy print ads still hold a special place in the industry. They are the go-to reference for the days when print was king, before digital came in, introducing silly buzzwords like ‘programmatic’, and apparently turning everything to mush.

Many great ads have been created in the long copy format, particularly by the agency behind these – AMV BBDO. But does this slow, thoughtful genre still resonate in the real world, where we’re constantly assailed with information?

Personally, typography is art. Over the years Ive looked at many typography based designs and if done right they can be beautiful. Sometimes ads need long copy to draw the viewer in and engage them in the story, if done right long copy ads can work.

Read more at long-copy-ads-still-work


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