Geometry Club

A selection of images featured on Dave Mullen's Instagram account, @geometryclub

For the past two years, Dave Mullen has scoured the web for images of buildings shot from the same angle. His Instagram account, @geometryclub, is a visual treat – a series of perfectly aligned photographs showcasing a range of architectural styles.

Mullen launched the project in 2014. “I’m a graphic designer by trade but photography has always been an integral part of my work. The idea came about during a week in New York with my girlfriend in September 2014. I had been really in to shooting architecture around that time and was always looking for shapes and symmetry within the buildings. Before I knew it, I had ten or 15 of these symmetrical, triangular compositions,” he says.Guidelines for submissions: the apex of the building must be centrally aligned and images must be symmetricalThe Broad Museum in Los Angeles, photographed by @wheeleyumWellbeck Street Car Park, photographed by @craig_d


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