History Channel Makeover

Branding agency DixonBaxi has created a new visual identity for cable TV channel History, which aims to challenge perceptions of history as dry, dull or academic.

lab_spoken_wordThe channel launched a new visual identity created by DixonBaxi, the London branding agency behind the on-air identities for Eurosport and the Premier League. The identity is based on a strong use of type, close-cropped imagery and copywriting that combines witty lines and dramatic statements.

DixonBaxi was initially asked to devise a brand strategy for the channel but ended up designing a comprehensive on and off-air identity system. “We essentially became an extension of the A+E Networks team for an intense six months,” says DixonBaxi co-founder and ECD Aporva Baxi. “We did a number of strategic and creative sprints here at our studio with their team flying in for a few days. And then we spent time at the New York offices for presentations, workshops and to share the work with the wider teams.” 


“The logo is pretty much what you’d expect the logo for a history channel to be … but we thought, if we can pair it with a more modern scheme, it could become a powerful anchor,” says Baxi.

The new branding is based on impactful images, strong type and a more emotive tone of voice. Promotional imagery for the show Alone – about a group of survivalists who are sent to live in the extreme wilderness – features the statement ‘Man vs. a whole lot of dangerous stuff’ with ‘no crew’, ‘no content’ and ‘no help’ overlaid. Imagery promoting drama Vikings uses the phrase ‘Who Will Fall?’ to hint at rivalry, power and conflict. 

dixonbaxi_history_print_3DixonBaxi_History_Print_2The new branding applied to History's websiteHistory billboards designed by DixonBaxi


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