V Spoon Utensil

Emil Dairy needed convenient spoons to serve with their dairy products that would not take up a lot of space or require much material. The Clever House developed V-Spoon, a convenient solution that many other to-go foods will be tempted to try: a thin, small bioplastic spoon that lays flat and then folds together to create a handy utensil.Левиталь_1.jpgЛевиталь_2.jpg

“V-spoon is a disposable, bio-friendly, all ages smart, design attractive product. Functional and non ordinary plastic cutlery, a perfect POP or POS item, can be integrated in any package and customized in size. V-spoon is absolutely flat when unfolded—and it’s the wide space for branding, advertising opportunity and printing on it. Both functional and branding tool.”


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