Pentagram rebrands London’s Old Vic theatre

old_vic_identity_017Pentagram's posters promoting The Old Vic's 2016/17 season“Matthew wanted [the identity] to feel emotional and raw,” says Pentagram partner Harry Pearce. “The typography is very simple, but it’s done with a huge amount of detail and craft and that’s the spirit you get from it … there’s a directness and optimism and self–confidence.”Pentagram's posters promoting The Old Vic's 2016/17 seasonPoster close-upPearce says the identity system was inspired by ghost signs and hand-painted type found on buildings around London. He also looked to The Old Vic’s archives in Bristol.

While the identity draws on vintage advertising, it avoids pastiche and instead feels fresh and contemporary. “That was our vision, to create something that felt very contemporary, but with one foot in the spirit of the past,” says Pearce.A statement by Matthew Warchus in The Old Vic 2016-17 season brochurePosters featuring images taken by Harry PearceA grid system created for postersStationery featuring The Old Vic's new logotype


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