Love Cocoa

It’s all in the family for James Cadbury. That’s right, the great-great-grandson of George Cadbury—one of the founders of the famous chocolate and confections company with his very name—has now launched his own chocolate business. This one’s a bit different, though, offering an ethically sourced, artisan chocolate bars.

Love Cocoa chocolate is handmade in the United Kingdom and purchased online. Buyers select which mouthwatering chocolate bar they’d like to send, add a gift note, and then the package gets delivered on a date of their choosing. Love Cocoa delivers to the UK and bars are delivered through Royal Mail that will fit into a traditional letterbox. By having them letterbox-sized, it means that they can arrive without the recipient needing to sign for it, creating an amazing surprise when they get home.


Six varieties are available, including milk, dark, early grey, mint, honeycomb and sea salt. Each bar features a pattern that is representative of the flavor, like yellow hexagons for the honeycomb and blue waves for sea salt. The sans serif font keeps the look simple and classic, making it a perfect gift to receive.


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