Let’s all be frank

Frank is a beauty brand that celebrates our peculiarities. It features products for the face, chest, stomach and, er, nether regions. Each product range is packaged using illustrations that correspond to that part of the body. Stack them up to create some unlikely figures.

Let's Be Frank for D&AD New Blood by Thais Jacoponi de Moura

Creative: Thais Jacoponi de Moura
University: Miami Ad School Madrid

Henry for Monotype

This is Henry. Better known as the most famous typographer from Holland. Henry takes care of all the advertising on the typical Dutch street markets. “And because he’s the only guy who makes these ads,” says student Stefan Apswoude, “the Dutch street markets have a big problem when Henry retires. That’s why we decided to digitise his typeface and name it Henry. This font will be able to be downloaded for a donation. The money will be used to do typography workshops with the aim to find a new Henry.”

Creative: Stefan Apswoude
University: Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy

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