Monthly Archives: June 2016

Kiin Pharma

The pharmaceutical sector is welcoming this fresh approach that has a clean and minimalist design. Designed by Jānis Andersons, Kiin Pharma is a new brand of meds that approach food supplements in a completely different way than we’re used to seeing. Vibrant visuals tell a simple and true story, merging the high quality of the product with the effect it will have on the consumer, in turn building a trust between the brand and the user. Colored patterns decorate the background, each slightly indicative of the effects of each food supplement. Large navy dots rest on the front and let consumers know what each “dot” is for.

Barbera Marrone Sofia

“Due to poor sales listings, Designhorse was assigned to redesign the Italian wine Barbera Marrone Sofia. To make it more attractive to Norwegian customers, we choose to increase the size of both the label and the typography to make it more visible in the shelf. The elegant and modern, yet bold result focus on typical Scandinavian values like rationality and simplicity. High quality, no noise. The redesign resulted in 39% increase in sale.”