The Annual Studio Sense Photography Annual Subscribe Contact Us Jobs Why Not Associates rebrands Belgian arts centre deSingel

Why Not Associates says it was asked to create a clear, bold visual language for deSingel that would illustrate ‘its dynamic, vibrant and unique qualities’ – and reflect its distinctive architecture.

The identity uses a suite of shapes based on the shape of deSingel’s buildings and features within them such as windows and staircases. Shapes can be used alone, overlaid on imagery or used to crop photographs for posters and leaflets.

The new logo, meanwhile, is based on deSingel’s original mark which was created by typographer Herbert Binneweg in 1979 and appears on the facade of one of its buildings. deSingel had previously been using a different logo, which Why Not was asked to retain, “but looking at the original, we thought ‘it’s really quite nice, why change it?’” says Altmann. Instead, Why Not proposed returning to Binneweg’s simple letterforms, but changing up the colours of letters to create a more vibrant and dynamic look. “It’s a simple idea, but it was quite a break from the brief, which was to stick with the logo they’d been using for the past few years,” adds Altmann.


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