A three metre long childrens book

Graphic designer Cléa Dieudonné’s new children’s book folds out to reveal a three-metre long illustration depicting the fascinating fictional city of Megalopolis.

Megalopolis is published by Thames & Hudson on March 7. The book tells the story of an alien who travels from space to find a fictional city complete with a zoo, Chinese gardens, opera house and underground network of tunnels.

Instead of reading from left to right, viewers navigate the book vertically – each panel folds out to reveal a new part of the story and a new section of Megalopolis, stretching from the clouds to dwellings hidden deep underground. The attention to detail is impressive, with unusual creatures and scenes hidden in every panel: there are over 100 buildings and 514 inhabitants, plus ghosts, thieves, cars, cakes and pastry chefs, giving children something new to look out for on repeat readings.MEGA

“Digital children’s books combine my passion for children’s stories, illustration and graphic design. I find it so wonderful to see kids going crazy over Megalopolis, searching for thieves together and noticing all the little details. After the tremendous amount of work that went into the project, there’s no greater satisfaction than to watch children bring the story to life.”


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