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New face of healthcare in the US

A new look for digital healthcare marketplace Zocdoc, courtesy of Wolff Olins. In an attempt to move the brand away from the stark, corporate identities of many healthcare companies, the agency has created a logo based around a patient’s face.


According to Wollf Olins, the Zocdoc brand’s key attributes of “simple, smart and caring” are reflected in the new visual direction, which attempts to bring a more human element to patient care delivered through technology.
Since 2007, Zocdoc’s aim has been to give patients more power when choosing their healthcare and offers a single point of entry from which to find neighbourhood doctors, midwives and dentists, book and manage appointments and fill out paperwork. Millions of Americans now use Zocdoc each month via or the brand’s iPhone and Android apps.

“Zocdoc is revolutionizing a stale industry to connect with patients in the most simple, relevant and human way,” says Lisa Smith, creative director and head of design at Wolff Olins. “Zocdoc impacts how patients interact with healthcare, and its revamped brand and digital experience is only the beginning of what’s to come.”


Noma Bar’s animated ad for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Illustration and Direction – Noma Bar
Animation – Ale Pixel Studio
Production Company – Dutch Uncle, New York
Client – NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Agency – Seiden NYC
Creative Director+Art Director – Eric Houseknecht
Copywriter + ECD – Steven Feinberg
Producer – Jill Levy (Sanity Productions)
Sound – Weston Fonger (Yessian Music)
Voice Over – Brian d’Arcy James

DBLG creates cool giffgaff idents

DBLG created the set for the idents in 3D, and then populated it with props from the various shows in the E4 Entertainment strand. The pixel look, which is used regularly in giffgaff’s branding, gives the films a striking backdrop. 

“Our incredible set designer Jack Kirby at Almost Everything created the set vertically on a 30 foot piece of MDF,” says Grant Gilbert, creative director at DBLG. “The pixel aspect is part of giffgaff’s brand and is known as ‘digital noise’ and was really fun for us to work with. To create the look we laser cut vinyl, which was applied to the white set base. Interspersed within the structure are props that relate to the programmes on E4. It was a fairly quick turnaround – Jack had to make over 80 different city blocks to create the ‘city landscape’ in just one weekend.”