Daily Archives: 22/01/2016

ROALD DAHI gets a make over

The agency (Sunshine) devised a new logo which features the author’s name alongside a yellow paper plane, which represents Dahl’s love of flying (he was an RAF pilot during World War One and many of his stories feature flight) as well as the yellow note paper he used to write on.

Crooked letterforms create a warm and friendly feel and letters can appear in a range of colours – from black and white to shades from a custom palette inspired by Dahl’s books (colours include Enormous Crocodile Green, Willy Wonka Purple and Mr Twit Blue).


The agency has also created 2D, 3D and animated versions of the logo and the plane can be used in a range of ways –  it often sits above the logo type but can also appear to the right as if flying past letters.