Some nice packaging


Rawiu is a bachelor project of brand signs, created at Vilnius Academy of Arts by a graphic designer Ineta Plytnykiene.  The project is cherishing traditions of healthy, vegetative nutrition.  The created concept suggests using wild plants in everyday cookery all year. Violets, nettles, dandelions, aegopodiums are frozen and can be used in different dishes, also to enrich nutrition by exceptional vitamins. 


Jupiter™ is named after the planet Jupiter in relation to its astrological sign characteristics of being the planet that brings expansion, abundance and growth into people’s lives. It inspires and guides people to reaching self-fulfillment and happiness. By engaging in life with open curiosity, people’s worlds will become ever so larger. Jupiter is associated to personal growth—an essential aspect to a child’s learning and self-exploration phase. With a paper and drawing utensil, everyone starts off life as young creatives. Some document their lives, some tell stories, some draw because they love to, and some draw who they want to become. Let children explore and grow through the arts and crafts. Let Jupiter™’s whimsical products do just that.



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