I love Type

I love everything to do with type, so Issue 26 of design and typography magazine Slanted is a New York special  and a visual treat for type fans like me.  

https://s3-eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/centaur-wp/creativereview/prod/content/uploads/2015/12/Slanted26_SpecialEdition13.jpgStencil sets for issue 26 of Slanted by Commercial Type, XYZ Type and Village

The issue also comes with a booklet showcasing 14 recently released typefaces – from Daniel Sabino’s Gandur to Fontsmith’s FS Silas – and a limited edition set of stencils by Commercial Type, Village and XYZ Type. It’s beautifully produced and filled with great illustrations, lettering and photography.

FS Brabo by Fontsith

Designed by Fontsmith‘s Fernando Mello, FS Brabo is a four-weight family inspired by 16th century book typefaces and ‘Garalde’ designs such as Garamond, Plantin and Bembo.

Fontsmith describes the typeface as a “contemporary, personal interpretation of a garalde” rather than a revival: “Brabo’s ‘ct’ and ‘st’ ligatures, upper-case italic swashes and contextual ending ligatures – ‘as’, ‘is’, ‘us’ – all preserve the beauty and character of traditional typefaces, but its serifs are thicker. …Their sharp cuts and squared edges give them a crispness at text sizes,” says the foundry.

Frank by Bunch

Created by Bunch and Alberto Hernandez, stencil typeface Frank was designed as a custom font for print production company Cerovski back in 2013. “The sans-serif display typeface follows the formal tradition of lathe-milling, as used for modular stencils through a mono-linear, thick main stroke and geometric rounded endings,” says Bunch.

Le Bon James by Sawdust

London type design studio Sawdust has updated its website with a handful of new projects, including an angular custom typeface for basketball star LeBron James and some striking sculptural lettering for the Wired World in 2016 (Wired magazine’s latest annual trends report).


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