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A portable, rubber handle infused with nanosilver, an antibacterial material, Pandle is perfect for holding onto surfaces on public transportation, in airports, in hospitals, at fitness centers, and so much more! 7-Pandle-Illustration.jpg8-Pandle-TheDiecut.jpg12-Pandle-TheBack_side1.jpg14-Pandle-TheFamily.jpg


El Postre

What better gift to get this holiday season than a beautiful box filled with delicious sweets. Designed by Anagrama, El Postre’s cakes and pastries are packaged in ruby red boxes, striped with reflective gold and secured with a red ribbon. The overall design not only achieves a modern look and feel but gives the brand a festive appeal.

We took a basic element from traditional bakeries and gave it an abstract form to create an icon that was representative of the brand, then integrated it with a simple typographic selection, resulting in the logotype.”


Michael Robert Boswell

The Rising States is a contemporary boutique located in the heart of the Lower
East Side, NYC. The collections are curated seasonally with established and up
and coming designers from around the world. A complete rebrand, along with store
signage, in-store collateral and photography were developed.

Branding, art direction and photography in collaboration with Elle Kim

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