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Leah Batchelor Design

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Leah Batchelor Design

Dear World… Yours, Cambridge

 johnson banks was asked to create a campaign for Cambridge University’s alumni and development fundraising campaign, and has designed a series of posters and banners which celebrate the achievements of former students through some playful copywriting and design.

Each is addressed ‘Dear World’ and signs off, ‘Yours, Cambridge’. Featured alumni range from Wordsworth, Newton and Darwin through to David Attenborough, Laura Bates, founder of, and Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Paul Jardetsky, the makers of the first webcam. (Bates is one of few women featured, along with Elizabeth Phillips Hughes, but it’s a diverse line-up, ranging from the 1500s to the 2000s).JBCambridge1


Think with Google

Branding agency MultiAdaptor has created a paper notepad and pencil that uses conductive ink to control an app for Google marketing service, Think With Google.



“Our notepad had to be compact and convincing,” says MultiAdaptor. “Conductive ink allowed us to interface with digital content using a pencil, but we wanted to avoid the expected ‘R&D’ aesthetic of cables and circuitry and create something more simple and human.”