Gordon Young and Why Not Associates

My disseration was all about typography brecking free from the page. Gordon Young and Why Not Associates have produced lots of typographic sculpture. This piece was create for the University of York, titled the Singing Stone, the artwork is made from a seven-metre long granite boulder engraved with words from W.B. Yeats poem He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven.

Some of the letters were applied using machinery, while others (those near the bottom where the stone is less uniform) were chiselled in by hand by a stonemason. Letters are carved in Eric Gill’s typeface Golden Cockerel, which Altmann says was chosen for its classic feel. “We tried quite a few fonts, to see how they all looked, and that one just felt right. It had that classic, Roman lettering, almost hand-carved look, which felt appropriate, and I was happy as Eric Gill’s also my favourite font designer,” he adds.

Check out more of Young work here.


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