Some nice packaging & branding from

Pom Pom

-1  pom-pom-02-13
“POM POM is a modern and stylish lingerie brand created by Reynolds and Reyner agency for a fashion designer from Los Angeles. In each set there are two kinds of panties packed in individual boxes that resemble diagonally-cut cubes in shape. The first one is more comfortable and simple, for everyday use at work or fitness sessions, and the second box offers a more creative and interesting lingerie type for evenings and nights, parties and leisure. The 2-piece set is read not only in the packaging and the brand name, but also in the brand’s slogan ‘Work hard, play hard.’”

pom-pom-01-16Le Bon Garcon

Up Next some lovel packaging by Adil Kim, just look at the colours! Le Bon Garçon is a Los Angeles company that specializes in hand-crafted French style salted caramels.



Another Branding piece here this time by Anagrama. Andenes, is a new type of shopping center in Mexico. Using bright colors and minimalist graphics, it appears exciting and fun but still has the potential for attracting a vast audience.


“Andenes is a new project model for mixed-use shopping centers established in Monterrey, Nuevo León. It intends to convey values such as good experiences, universality, entertainment, and serve as a meeting point for young people and adults. Our branding proposal starts by communicating the fun and friendly personality of the shopping center, and then adds a modern and dynamic feel and implements cozy elements to communicate its wide accessibility.”

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