Typographic Interferences

Typographic Interferences features a series of letterforms, each made up of two distinct halves. One half was created by a designer in Vienna and the other, a designer in Zurich, with neither having any idea what the other looked like. The experiment has produced some beautiful, bizarre and surprisingly well matched characters, which are on display in each city until July 17.

vsuy5wncx22nbwrbsgwsap8dryh7m13nrwefyypsasxwreiexrru79ncz1pvivheaftbepdvppqspgjyq8o0a_0cvlfwjpwoq6at_fm9pwkfu3e4csgw5runfwt3w9vujssqbd9hcuspbvhetcjlqsm5kwwf91winprqihyivgk_0140519_Poster_DIN_A0_Andreas_Stefanie140519_Poster_DIN_A0_Marion_AntonThis remains me of a one day project that I was set in University, were I had to take one type family and create a sequence of icons.



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