World press photos


Bulent Kilic from Turkey
The image shows a young girl after she was wounded during clashes between riot-police and protestors after the funeral of Berkin Elvan, the 15-year-old boy who died from injuries suffered during last year’s anti-government protests.


Larinda by Raphaela Rosell from Australia
The girl in the picture is waiting for the bus to Sunday School, and is among the many socially isolated young women in disadvantaged communities in Australia facing poverty, racism, trans-generational trauma, and other barriers to health and well-being.


Yongzhi Chu from China
Monkey Training for a Circus depicts a trainer in front of a cowering creature in Suzhou, known as the hoe of Chinese circus.


Orphan Brothers by Åsa Sjöström from Sweden
It captures a whispered secret between twin brothers Igor and Arthur as hand out chocolates to their classmates to celebrate their 9th birthday, who are among thousands of children growing up without their parents in the Moldavian countryside.


Side Effects by Kacper Kowalski from Poland
A documentary photo project about the complicated relationship between humans and nature. “It was shot from a paraglider some 500 feet above the ground, mainly in the area surrounding Gdynia, Poland, where I live,” Kowalski explains. “What interests me most is the answer to the question: What is the natural environment of humans? An untouched, virgin landscape? Or a landscape that has been changed, adapted to human needs? My work offers a graphic and sometimes abstract portrait of how civilization comes into being.” 


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