A few bit of packaging

Here a few pieces of nice packaging that I found on thedieline.com

Ivet Fashion Calendar

Ivet is a model agency in the industry for 20 years. To celebrate this 20-year accomplishment, FourPlus & Ivaylo Nedkov created an A3 sized calendar. The calendar features details such as a gold bubble envelope and beautiful typography layouts showcasing their models portraits.1422494992658 14224953180181422495432635



Introducing another brilliant design collaboration between eskju & Pixeljuice 23. The goal was to rethink what one considers to be standard t-shirt packaging and transform it into something magical. A narrative that tells the story of the process of creating the apparel’s illustration which in turn created an entire interactive experience. With paper and wood being the main substrates, a skeletal fish bone get wrapped in the screen printed cloth, wrapped in parchment, and feed a baited hook. 1422521240370 1422521253153


Vogue models pose as High Fashion Dolls

The creepy yet nostalgic photographs are taken with models all dolled up to a T in luxury brands such as Moschino, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurant, and Chanel. Complete with an on-point hair-do to match the theme and added wardrobe accessories, these women stand stiffly in a box surrounded by zip-tied suspended objects ready to take the perfect “selfie.” vogue-dolls-hed-final-2015 vogue-dolls-2 vogue-dolls-3



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