Part 1 of 3rd Year

Hand-ins are now over & I’ve had time to recover. Here’s some of my work, I posted earlier in the year with some of my ideas but I’ve now refined these to finished pieces.

First up is the Annual Show that runs for 1 week every year, it showcases students work. The building opens its doors to the general public however the show doesn’t just appear students spend the whole year working on there master pieces so my campaign ‘Behind Closed Doors’ portrays the work that goes on before.


IMG_3820outside leftsIMG_3866IMG_3845a

Next up ‘Music by Design’ not the easies brief. We had to create a motion (yes motion, not my strong subject) using 8 popular graphic design terms. Here’s what I come up with:

To go along with this motion we also needed to promote an event that would showcase the whole classes take and how everyone has portrayed the same 8 terms.


Lastly I had the pleasure, not, of writing my dissertation. More enjoyable was designing it, however my piece of writing was about words moving off the page, so as you will see words and image are falling off the page, this was meant to happen.



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