Do Something Different

A new Guardian supplement was launched at the beginning of January



The Guardian readers want ideas for how they can “make the most of their day”. The editor Emma Clark says that each issue will be “packed with innovative and engaging ideas…for people who want to stretch their horizons.” with 50 page of activities, sport and hobbies this was a jam-packed issue. With other issues like “ideas to make your life smarter, fitter, better, brighter and different,” says Clarke.


‘The magazine’s design is brighter and more light-hearted than other Guardian and Observer titles, and Clarke says each issue will use bold colour, strong type and illustration “to create a playful supplement which stands out from the rest of the Guardian and Observer offering.”

The typographic cover was designed by Owen Gildersleeve, who cut each character out of paper. Animator Alexander Purcell has also created an animated version for the digital edition, in which Gildersleeve’s letters fall off the page.’ Creative Review


When I show this I got a bit over excited I LOVE IT the use of layout writing over type, the cover everything this is one of these piece that you say ‘I wish I had done it.’


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