Chelsea Children’s Hospital


Design studio Thomas.Matthews has designed the look at feel of seven new wards in Chelsea Children Hopital.

Thats just say if this would have made my 9 months in hospital much more interest that looking at 4 blink walls day and night.

They created a concept of My Universe born from reseach into patients experience in each ward. with the help of illustrators Gilles Jourdan, Cecillie Barstad & Malika Faver they concept was brought to life.

At the heart of the creative idea is that each ward is the home to a particular family of illustrated characters who have unique character traits, behaviours and expressions that compliment the role of the ward itself. So the Mars family live in the Burns ward and are, Favre tells us, “super adventurous and want to fly no matter what and end up with bumps and scratches all the time but nothing would stop them from trying.”

“Our wish was to make the hospital a more welcoming, friendly and colourful space,” say Gilles & Cecilie of the project. “The illustrated characters within the wards are designed to interact with the visitors of the hospital to give them comfort, assurance and advice. We hope the designs will be a tool to help the patients feel better and more relaxed.”



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