South Africa Hoddy

I’ve been asked to design our hoddy for our trip in August.  I haven’t been able to design anything in 9 months (due to me having a stroke in September 2011) and I was really challenged by this task and felt a bit concerned.  I was questioning myself ‘would I remember how to do it?’ however after brushing of the cobwebs and probably taking me twice as long because I had to search my brain to remember the short cuts.  Here is the end result and I have to say I am pretty pleased with myself. Considering I only have one hand that works, and that’s my left one, I have to develop other ways to hold down two keys at the same time and a small bronze elephant does the job perfectly.  We opted for a bottle green with gold in the inside because these are the colours of South Africa rugby team.  On the front we have positioned the GB logo and our own logo which I designed last year.  Printed on the back is our mission statement ‘Catch the vision…’ and down the sleeve the mission statement completes with the words ‘make it happen’. The dot of the ! is in the shape of a cross highlighting that everything we do is for God.


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