Some new Packaging Designs

Burnt Sugar

Burnt Sugar is a boutique brand of fudge, started by Justine Cather when she nabbed her mum’s recipe and took it to the open market.

d-studio was asked by Justine to create a new direction for the brand and redesign the packaging. Together they designed the ‘everyone is different’ concept, which celebrates not only the irregular pieces but also the variety of people who like it.

Each pack was illustrated by a different illustrator so that they all have their own individual personality. Not a single font was used on any of the packs, every element was hand rendered, including the back of the pack which contains the statutory information.


“Voila takes information from the origin. A brand that aligns gourmet experience to practicality. that’s what Voila comes down to.” The Scene printed and craft quality shows the premium selected look.

I really like the simplicity of this packaging and how it’s put together. Also the use the colours all work together as part of a group.

Watmuff & Beckett

Created by Pencil, this has a very elegant feel with the clever line drawing of the ladle and fork that allows the enticing colour of the product to show through.

“The goal was to create a range of packaging that extended their brand. We used their lines illustrations to create utensils used on the products, it was mandatory we showed some of the product so we integrated this with the utensils to reveal a cleaver show through.”


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