Nature in the Eye of the Behold

I took these photographs 4 years ago for my ‘A’ Level Photography and was thinking about them last week and thought I would dig them out and display them.  I really enjoyed capturing these images which are all based on the theme of nature.   I started the project wanting to only take photographs of animals, but soon realized that this would not be as easy as I thought so ended up widening my scoop and included flowers. 

I always had a love for abstract art and most of my photographs are done in this style. Regarding the animal photographs this took a large amount of patience and the constant clicking of the shutter to capture the image I desired.  

This first photograph was captured completely by change, simply being in the right place at the right time.  The giraffe had picked something up and I luckily had my camera on the correct setting which enabled me to capture all the detail in the object and also on the giraffe.

Next up was my photograph of a tiger, this was the most frustrating photograph of all.  It took hours of waiting and then I managed to capture which to me was a perfectly framed image but I was disappointment by the reflection displayed in the glass. With a good bit of PhotoShop and changing it to black and white this was the result. I’m still not completely happy with the final shot, but it’s better than it was initially.

This photograph was taken at the zoo, the duck had just put its head in water and this was the effect a second later.

This has to be my favourite animal photograph and this could be because I have always had a deep love and interest in elephants and the way that they live.  In my opinion there isn’t a more beautiful animal in existence but as I said I am extremely biased in my view.  

This was just a really nice photograph that had the right lighting to capture all the colours.

I took a lot of photographs of roses as the detail in the overlaps of the petals really interested me. I really like the one below because I was able to capture the detail of the petals and also the rain drop in the centre. 

These two photographs were taken in a controlled setting in my living room; with a bedside light and greaseproof paper.  The image below was 1 of approximately 500 photographs which I had painstakingly taken to capture an image that I was happy with.


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