Hyde Gum

I discovered this brand design on the Dieline and wanted to share it with you. Hyde is an Industrial Design project by Mina Ghaani in September 2010 “evolved into an intricate and multi-faceted product that envelops critical strategies of design, communication, production, and sustainability within a vulnerable demographic.”

“Hyde employs a luxury and high-end aesthetic that appeals to and lures in its demographic, while it is enhanced with quick self-defense tips on the middle sleeve, a website designed by Communication Designer Meriliese Cabebe (www.hyde.com), and a hotline (1-800-hyde) that directs young women, party girls, and specifically sex-trade workers towards medical and support services in their neighborhood. Hyde educates and empowers young women through offering choices and options. The collaborative resulted in Hyde, a brand, a new perspective, a choice.”

I really like the overall feel of this design, it’s very high-end and expressive looking product which also displayed a class of style. This is an excellent example of how simple designs can be more effective.



  1. Mina G.

    Thanks for the compliments 🙂

  2. John

    where can I buy this gum? I’d love to sell it in a market that we’re opening in september!

    1. Hi, It was created by Mina Ghaani so I would get in touch with them to see if they can help because I have no idea were you would get this from. http://www.minaghaani.com hope this help and let me know if you get what you want.

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