Bottle Design 5

Today I’m going to look at more designs for a range of drinks.


This is a gin created for you. For life, people, feelings, tastes and smells. This brand has been designed by Conca y Marzal . I really look the simple but classic typographic application that has been used for this design, also changing the dot of the ‘i’ to a crown helps to create a high-end feel to the drink.

Maiden Voyage

From 22nd Nov 2010 Inish Turk Beg added Irish whiskey to their lineup. These bottles are a deliberate subversion to traditional whiskey presentation, and speak clearly of the brand’s intention to reposition whiskey as a contemporary and dynamic liquor choice – encapsulated in the whiskey’s tagline, ‘Live Life at a Tilt’ resonates with the bottle asymmetric shape. I choose this design because it was so different to any other bottle that is on the market at the moment.

Blossa Glogg 2010

For the last 8 years BVD produced a limited edition Blossa Glogg. This year Glogg has the flavour of saffron. The gold colour is such an iconic colour, and the use of the Roman cross as a symbol of the number 10. Blossa Vintage Mulled wine has become a success story which has created demand thanks to the new design every year.  


This is a new alcoholic mix-drink to be launched on the German market. It is said to taste like a cocktail and conveys the spirit of South America. I have included this design because I like the freeness of the typography and the way that it has been produced. Designed by TIBOR+.


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