Bottle Design 4

I’m going to look at some typographic based designs.


&Co represents simplicity, to emphasize this they decided to go back to a black and white palette.  The label on the back of the bottle, as shown, are all typographic but have been clearly thought about in it design process and they have not been designed in a way you would expect.

Typographic Beer

This beer bottles have been designed by Ashley Lewis , they are really clearly done in that she uses letters and punctuation to create different faces, the faces all have a different mood and felling attached to them.

8th Generation

the number 8 to base their design upon.  For each bottle the number has been rotated to create an abstracted image and the text placed around this.

Arborite champagne

This design is not the bottle but the packaging that the bottle came in.  The design was to celebrated Arborite 60 years. It is more of an illustrative typography design rather than completely typographic.  Designed by Annabelle Fiset

Seven sins wine

This is a series of typographic designed based on the Seven Deadly Sins.  Each of the bottles represents one of the sins.  I really like the feel and the way that these designs have been produced.  This demonstrated now typography can be successfully used.


This is a New Zealand restaurant that has produced its own locally brewed beer running exclusively on tap.  I really liked the typographic treatment of this design particularly the application of the big number and the simple use of the remainder of the type.


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