Bottle Design 3

Today I’m going to look at some more wine bottle designs that caught my eye.


This design was created for “The Battered Fsh” an English wine specifically made for Fish and Chips.  Matt Davey designed this line of wine intended to be paired with specific foods.  I really like the way that he has used a very simple linear drawing to represent fishing; this has been cleverly depicted with only a hint of fishing present, any more would have been too much.

Paul Sapin

This is a really clear design by Neimeister , they have decided to employ a side angle label and have made the U symbolize a wine glass.


This is a very female wine design.  It portrays the feeling of handwriting with a decorative feel.


Design studio Pergamen created a new bottle, symbol and design for this strong Slovak spirit. The symbol “T” is inspired by traditional wood-carving and jewel-making. The initial contains solar symbols for the circle of life, symbols of love, happiness, fertility etc. The aim of redesign of Tatratea was to accent the brand essence: “Strong original from the heart of Tatra Mountains”.


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  1. Finally a blog that didnt contradict it self, amazing writing. 🙂

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