Bottle Designs 2

Today I’m going to look at some wine bottle designs that have been created.

Fixies Wine

This is an organic wine collection that has a modern twist on Australia’s Aboriginal art. The logo was wrapped around the bottle making the bottle the label. I would say that this design is very much for a female, with the way that the imagery has been displayed and showcased on the design. This identity was created by Belancio.

Gat Nitzan

This is a boutique winery in Israel specializing in combining traditional pressing methods with modern processes. I really like the way that they have created the image to represent the grape, the use of small shapes placed together to generate the image.

Vinhos Lagosta

This is a wine that has a fresh summery taste and goes well with all kinds of fish and sea food. The design is aimed to recreate and modernize the traditional ‘Mateus Rose’ while trying to maintain a sophisticated audience. Created and designed by Portugal based designer Rui Granjo.

XVIII Bordeaux

This wine is only sold exclusively at Max Wine Gallery, Bordeaux France. The identity was conceived by Paris design studio Hey Ho.

This design is completely typographic; it shows a really good use of a letterpress style design.

+359 Wine

Designer Jordan Jelev of Factor R Studio has redesigned +359 wine. The range is named after the country’s international phone code, the font is based on the one used by Bulgarian Post in 1960s, giving the wine strong national appeal. Jordan Jelev said ‘I wanted everyone not only to see this label as an image, but to feel it and sense it with their fingers ” that’s why I used puff-up transparent varnish to make the biggest possible relief structure on the logo, A selective transparent UV matt varnish is applied on the pattern of circles around the logo against glossy background and a transparent puff-up varnish on the +359 logo to create the appearance of wave lines. The label is bordered with a glossy hot foil stamp, and there are some tiny hot foil dots around the logo as well. The label was screen-printed by Rotoprint in Bulgaria on Fasson MC Plus.”

Mayrah Wine

This Australian wine has been designed by Eulie Lee .

Mayrah means Spring and the animals are jumping up because they are so happy that spring has finally come.  I really like the illustration on this design and how Lee has been able to create a very simple design that works brilliantly for this product.


This is a fresh collection of wines from Vipava Valley, made by lady wine maker Barbi V. Mocivnik. For the design they wanted to capture the freshness and wind by combining an image, form and materials. They made it interactive even with a see-through design and depicted exactly what you’ll get when drinking this wine.


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