Bottle Designs 1

The Dieline is not short of bottle designs and some of them are really really nice, over this week I am going to post a number of bottle design, there were far too many for me to include in one posting.  Today is all about soft drinks, water and olive oil.


“Six is a …new fruit drink created for trendy, active people who want a healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks.”

Its bold design draws attention and would immediately be attractive to the customer. The bold logo against the bright colours of the fruit drink gives it an edgy feel that will compliment the packaging for any energy drink. 

Aqua Carpatica

This is a water brand based in London and designed by PB Creative. The bottle has been created for use in the Carpathian Mountains; the black protects the water from light deterioration. Then the form of the bottle captures the nature of the water travelling. The decision to use a black finish would not only create a unique proposition for water but leverage advertising and support the brands product story of protection from the outside world.

This is a completely new design for a water bottle, but PB Creative has thought about its use and what the customer wants. 

L’o Olio

This olive oil bottle has been designed by Domenico Catapana at Systemats. The produce is from the olives in the area of Sorrento Coast, Italy.   This design is completely typographic and I particularly like the way that the type has been displayed and produced. 

Karey Olive Oil

This is an organic extra virgin olive oil bottle, for fine restaurants and specialty shops. The packaging communicates a consistent excellence and delicacy in accordance with the product it contains. Karey trademark is the main element on the labelling, a role that is only eclipsed by the typographical wink of the oil tear that is dropped by the letter “y”. This is a really simple but clear brand that conveys the product and what it stands for.  

Create and designed by La Rioja, Spain studio Moruba .


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