London’s Piccadilly line made easy

If you don’t live in London the tube map can be a bit confusing and this doesn’t refer to the reading of the map but the problem comes about when you try to identify which station is nearest to the landmark you wish to visit.  On the many occasions I’ve been in London I find myself standing with a street map in one hand and a tube map in the other and I’m trying to work out which station I should get off at.  Then when I arrive I usually find that there was a station even closer by.  


However the Piccadilly line is now a bit easier to understand.   This colorful, friendly and engaging poster (above) shows where the Piccadilly line would run if it were at street level, highlighting landmarks and places of interest along the way, locating the Tube stations in the real world. Something that the tube map doesn’t do and can’t do

Harry Beck’s geometrical array of coloured dots and lines enables you to plan a route between any two points covering London in its entirety. It makes the map into reality because the reality of London’s geography is messy.  It is this that the ‘Above ground’ poster addresses beautifully.  It complements the Tube map and illustrates key information, but not too much.

The poster is dated back to 1996 created by GlobalVision, but I hadn’t seen it, but don’t understand why it hasn’t been made more accessible and why it wasn’t commissioned for all the other lines. 


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