Teacake design

Teacake is a design company based in Amsterdam.  They have a strong affiliation with design for print and a passion for typography.   I have uploaded some the pieces that have inspired me. 


This was the promotion for one of the three exhibitions that formed the encounters series at the Jerwood Space in London.  It has six artists all exhibiting different pieces from animated sculpture to documentary video installations.  Teacake has designed invitations, posters, gallery signage and custom designed DVD package showing a showreel of the collection displayed. 


Freitags is German for Friday. This is a weekly event based around the letter ‘F’. Now in its second year this musical weekend opener connects the dots between electro, indie, disco, outsider pop, cosmic nonsense and forgotten gems. 

Passing Thoughts and Making Plans

This event shows photography as part of a thought process to train of association and wonderings, following and shaping an idea as it is formed. 

Don’t Panic

Teacake didn’t know what to do for this brief as they were not illustrators.  So they decided to go for something that was truly British, the big fat chippy tea wordsearch, which worked perfectly. 


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