Odyssey Winter 2010

I decided to produce something that could be a live project to try and use both images and text.  I decided to use the Odyssey arena programme using what’s happening from Dec 2010 – Feb 2011.  I know that this programme is far from finished, but I just wanted to play around with InDesign and different layouts.

I know that if this was a live project that there would be more rules that the Odyssey would put in place for me to follow, for example colours, type etc.  They also would give me all the images of the different acts so this would assist me to produce better images. 

However I don’t think that this type of printed programme would work for them as new dates and items are always being added.  They could produce something saying what’s coming up rather than everything. 

I produced the programme on an A5 folded page. I wanted to use a simple layout but change it from page to page but having some items presenting over a double page, some pages had more than one show.  This was to create interest throughout the booklet but maintain the same basic layout.  You can view the PDF below, let me know what you think. 



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