The View from Above

Jenny Odell opens up a new perspective of the world.  She uses Google’s Satellite photography to create her pieces.  The above image is an assembly of 125 swimming pools. 

These are created from a series of six digital prints that Odell created by producing a collage using cut-out imagery from Google Satellite, each printed at 24”x24”.

This image contains 195 Cargo Ships, Barges, Motorboats, Yachts, Tankers, Cruise Ships, Riverboats, Sailboats and Hospital Ships.

Here there is approximately 1,326 Grain Silos, Water Towers, and Other Cylindrical-Industrial Buildings

This rather lovely one is An Overpass in Iowa, Repeated

Here are 144 Empty American Parking Lots.

It’s amazing what images can be made from i.e. everyday places and things, it makes you perceive everything from a different angle.


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