Put a Hat on

Believe it or not this is a New Era baseball cap with the unusual design of Craig Green.  He is one of several art and design students selected by the hat brand to design a new Era cap, the most uniquely creative would win a £10,000 bursary to help them launch their career.

New Era is celebrating its 90th Birthday, issued 90 New Era XC commemorative boxes to 90 graduate artists and designers from Europe’s most prestigious design schools.

Dominika Lipniewska of Central Saint Martins in London was inspired by her fascination with faces and characters

“I thought about the words ‘New’ and ‘Era’ and have come up with something with a fusion of old and new,” says James Gardner of his design. “I thought about iconic head adornments of the past like Ceasers head wreath and taking something cheap like the cable ties and dyeing them to give a new look, something unrecognisable.”

Janosch Mallwitz of the Universität der Künste in Berlin created this baseball stitching inspired hat

Central Saint Martin’s Jennifer Yang cites metal art as her inspiration

Sergio Cruz from Elisava cites African masks, global crisis, Joan Miro and Lady Gaga as inspiration for his hat.

These are soon to be exhibited in five galleries across Europe – London, Paris, Berlin, Milan and Barcelona. In case you’re wondering who won the £10K bursary / prize – it was Craig Green, whose design is the image displayed at the top of this blog post.


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