The Independent

The Independent has just launched ‘i’, its new daily newspaper “designed for people with busy, modern lives”.  But what exactly is it for?

Editor-in-chief Simon Kelner claims that the 20p title is “the first quality daily paper to be launched in Britain for 25 years”

I have to say that the results are however a little confusing, from these photographs the layout has a lot happening and there doesn’t seem to be too much white space.  There are splashes of colour sections, making the days of black and white long gone.  There are many boxes of text and tabs everywhere and looks more suited to the web.  Every though the internet is at its peak do we want that in our newspapers?

The point of the newspaper is that it can be consumed in a small amount of time.  The News Matrix (above) provides 15 stories over a spread, each with only a mere 40-wordparagaph. 

This new design isn’t surprising given that the owner of The Independent Alexander Lebedev, famously turned The Evening Standard into a giveaway.

The most successful sections are the ones devoid of advertising.  A Health spread gives the impression that there’s a more in-depth feature to be read. 

Creative Review believes that this new reading experience is to fit in with the pace of contemporary life and the moment just adds confusion.  I have to disagree with this; to me it doesn’t seem easy to follow.  I want to look at a spread and know what the main headlines are immediately and not have to take time to read each section to find what I’m looking for.

I know that it is difficult to get everything perfect straight away but I feel to create a user friendly newspaper it still needs a lot of work.  This is just my opinion and I’d be interested to know what you think?

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