Hat-Trick Design

Hat-Trick Design has created a large scale illuminated letters on a hoarding site in London’s Victoria.  Each letter has a story of past and present things in the area.

Tim Donaldson from Hat-Trick’s says, “We decided to design a typeface of illuminated letters, with each letter telling a different story for passerby’s to discover,”

“For example ‘B’ for Busby bearskin hats, ‘P’ for Pelicans – informed by the famous story of a pelican eating a whole pigeon in St James’ Park (illustrated by Becky Sutherland) – and ‘W’ for Westminster, etc. We then used the typeface to spell out words and sentences so it could be read from further back.

“We wanted to end up with a visually rich and eclectic set of letters to sum up the area.”

To avoid having to repeat some letters the typeface also includes alternative variations. A couple of letters were also based on, or redrawn from found letters, such as a found gothic style ‘W’ for Westminster. The use of purple and silver refers to Land Securities’ colour palette.

Some more examples of the thinking behind the letter choices: the ‘D’ for deckchairs in St James’ Park was informed by the stripes on the fabric; the ‘F’ for the local farmer’s market (famous for its fish) uses a ‘fishy’ F combined with a close-up of scales texture; the ‘O’ refers to the Olympics as Victoria will be hosting the beach volleyball events.

This is a really interesting way to use this large area in a really interesting graphic way, it brightens up the walkway and creates something worth talking about. 

Here are some of the letters that I have mentioned:


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