SEA Design

Their talk had to be aborted last year due to the ash cloud crisis but I am delighted that this has been rescheduled for the 11th November this will include a talk plus an exhibition.

SEA was founded in 1997 by Bryan Edmondson and John Simpson. SEA’s projects go over many disciplines from Brand Identity to Packaging and Interactive Design.  They have a wide client base which covers both large and small companies such as Jamie Olive, EMI, GF Smith, Adidas and Boots. 

I have decided to examine some of their work in the lead up to their talk.    

Bluewater Events Venue

This brand reminds me of my Nicholson & Bass identity that I created. 


Identity and packaging for Boots’ own brand early learning toy range.

Jamie Oliver

SEA created the brand and comprehensive guidelines for Jamie Oliver that could maintain consistency and position him globally across publishing, endorsements and packaging. I like this brand design in the way that they have lined the i’s up hence creating an interesting design.

London Road Jewellery

I really like the way that they have combined the L and R together to create this.  Following this by creating a reflection that has produced an interesting pattern.  The brand also looks really good on the packaging (below).


Raleigh International is a charity providing career breaks and expeditions for people of all ages. SEA created the brand positioning and identity which was implemented across all communications.


SEA worked alongside Beyon on a company name change, brand strategic planning, brand identity and global advertising campaigns.

GF Smith

This design was inspired by the printing process and the way that the paper goes through the printers.


Grafik is one of the UK’s leading graphic design magazines. SEA created Grafik’s identity and magazine design.

While exploring their work I found it difficult to choose the pieces I wanted to show because I found it all extremely interesting and in my opinion every piece have been beautifully designed.  They really pay a lot of attention to the finer detail.  Looking at their work has made me impatient to hear their talk and to see their exhibition.  I can’t wait!!


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