Gap’s New Look

Gap is one of the new businesses to replace it’s outdate serif brand with a more modern Helvetica.  These have received a mixed reaction, Gap’s said ‘We know this logo created a lot of buzz and we’re thrilled to see passionate debates unfolding!’

Gaps stated that the new logo is just one of the things that they have changed about the brand.  They state that they love their new logo after staying with the old brand for 20+ years, but they have asked fans to come up with their own designs of how they think the logo should look.   

Laird + Partners in New York are the inspiration behind the new logo. The fact that Gap have asked people to come up with their own design seems to have caused outrage and everyone is confused about what the message really is. This could only be the sign on a bad identity. 

I think the new look brand is a much cleaner version, but it could have been pushed more to create an even greater impact.  I feel Helvetica is been used too much to create logos and I dare to ask is everything going to end up Helvetica?  Where have the difference and individually gone?


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