PANI 2010

When this academic year finished you would be correct in thinking that I’d be glad of the break but instead of this I applied to take part in the PANI project and was selected to take a position within one of the 6 teams. This project gave 2nd year students the opportunity to work along with a local agency, who would act as your mentor, and participate in a live brief. This year we were asked to create a campaign for Action Cancer which was to go live in August/September 2010. The aim was to encourage more women in their 40’s and the over 70’s to take up the offer of a free mammogram at the Action Cancer house or at their big bus.

In April the brief was handed out and the teams were chosen. I believe that I was extremely fortunate to be mentored by the local advertising agency Genesis. I was in a team with 3 of my class mates – Heather, Kenny and Penny and we were joined by 2 CAM students – Sarah and Chris. We had our first meeting at the beginning of May and we meet 2 or 3 times a week from then on to the completion of the project and we were constantly in contact by email.

With a lot of idea and brain storming we decided that we wanted to create an upbeat campaign and sell the idea of ‘peace of mind’ to all women. We adapted this angle that if you go to Action Cancer you will get the gift of ‘peace of mind’ so hence our theme was born. ‘Giving you peace of mind’ was the nucleus of the campaign and it was a very simple idea. Everything we produced was wrapped up like a present and had a main headline along with additional information about who could avail of this service.

We were all extremely happy with what we managed to produce but we lost out to the Navigator Blue team. You will be able to view the winning campaign in August/September across Northern Ireland. I have posted visuals of what my team produced.

Print Media

48 sheet

6 sheet

Bus T Strip

Ambient Media


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