Nicholson and Bass

My latest project was to rebrand a print company in Belfast.  I was shocked by how bad the companies brand was, there was no one logo, colour and it was really confusing to look at, so basically anything that I could produce would be an instant improvement.  

Nicholson and Bass are a family printers and they have been around for over 70 years.  The family was a major factor in the business and I wanted to highlight this within my brand design.  The logo (see below) that I decided was to interlink the N&B to represent the union of and family and a family coming together as one. 

Colour played a major role in my design; I wanted to use a colour that would represent a family.  After research into what different colours mean and what they represent, blue came out on top as being the best colour.  Blue is said to represent understanding, patience, loyalty, security, comfort, calming and love.  I felt that these were all criteria that the print company would want. 

These words were shown within the brand design through the website and the company brochure.  Don’t think that a rebrand is just creating a logo; a brand goes beyond the logo into who the company is and what they represent.  Here is my proposal for the rebrand.    


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