Sprouts make you…

I took on the task of trying to get children to eat brussel sprouts or to at least be prepared to give them a try.  Our project was to create some sort of advertisement that would change peoples’ minds; we could choose any produce and aim at any age range.  I felt that I wanted to give myself a challenge of changing the minds of children to consider introducing sprouts into their diet.  After doing some market research I decided that kids either love or hurt sprouts, I was amazed to find out that and lot of kids said they don’t like them but have never actually tried them. How can you know you don’t like something when you have never tried it? Also I discovered the main reason why they don’t like them is not because of the taste but because of the colour.  I’m not in the business of knowing how to change the colour so this was beyond my capabilities. 

So where do you begin to try and change the minds of kids when they are so determent that they don’t like them and they don’t want to give them a chance.  From carrying out more research I found out the kids learn better and enjoy thing more if they are doing something, so taking this on broad I decided that I wanted to create a pack all about sprouts and how eating them can enable you to achieve a range of activities and generally improve your health and strength.  In this pack there would be a number of individual leaflets that would have activities for the kids to do and to make.  They would also be hopefully educated by being made aware of fun interesting facts about sprouts. 

I based the entire campaign around sprouts make you… sprout, sprint and strong; giving three key messages that sprouts can help you do. 


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