Hand ins are over, and the recovery has just began.  CV’s are out and fingers and toes are crossed for securing a placement next year.  Over the next days and weeks I’m going to start uploading some of the work that I have been doing from January. 

Our first project was to create a brand design of a t-shirt aimed at designers.  However, not only did we have to create a new brand, we also have to create the t-shirt design, advertisement and packaging.  I never thought this would prove to be such hard work to simply create a brand new brand, coming up with a unique name that has never been used before was so hard I went through every name possible before I came up with my name 833.  This says ‘tee’ in text form, if you type tee into a mobile phone keypad you type 833 hence were the name came from. 

For my t-shirt design I decided to continue along the same line and had a group of numbers together to spell a word, this was based on the same method for decoding a brand name.  Here are some of the t-shirts in the range.




Here’s the advertisement that I would use to promote the new t-shirt brand.


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